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It has been an exciting five years since we embarked on our mission to provide investors with a free, comprehensive financial news platform that integrates an easy-to-navigate user interface. Our strategic vision remains unchanged: to democratise access to financial news and data and to transform content consumption into an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

We continue to raise funds to remain competitive in developing our products and to become entirely self-sustainable within the upcoming years. The financial news services market is big, and our revenue is generated through business deals. CityFALCON has been pre-approved by HMRC, and investors from the UK may be eligible for the EIS tax benefits.


What are we ready to do to make our business successful? 

Even jump into an ice hole!

Early Traction and Exciting Roadmap

We are a lean revenue-generating company and have shown a 5x jump in revenue over the last year. Our annual recurring revenue is £100K, and we are targeting break-even in 2019. We are 1st or 2nd in Google rankings for ‘financial news API’ globally.

Our clients include a number of FinTech and FS companies based around the world - in the UK, US, Italy, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Our content partners included Twitter and several reputed publications. We are in negotiations with several content providers to remove paywalls. We will launch pay-per-view and premium subscriptions that provide access to non-public content without advertising and clutter. Learn more about our products here.

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1. CityFALCON will never distribute unsolicited emails, and you can remove yourself from our contact list by unsubscribing at any time.

2. Capital at risk. Investing in start-up and early stage companies involves risks, including loss of any initial investment and any reward, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Please check with your investment advisor.

3. Some countries may not allow people to invest in equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing up via the form above a commitment to invest?

No, it's not a commitment, it just helps us to understand the interest and plan our campaign.

What do I get for my investment?

You will be become a shareholder in the company and receive common equity shares in the company. Everyone, including founders, employees, and existing investors, hold the same common equity shares with the same rights as those that will be offered in the next round.

Will I get more information about the company and the investment terms?

Yes, when the investment round is opened, we'll share more info with everyone.

What will the money raised be used for?

We'll use the money to continue building our scalable products, market our offerings, and sell to businesses. We want to break even and become self -sustainable as soon as possible.