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Ruzbeh Bacha

Founder and CEO

Lior Kitain

Interim CMO

Georgiy Revyakin

Product Manager

Luiz Bissoto

Product Manager

Max Masalitin

Tech Lead

Taras Chemerys

DB Administrator

Valentine Shapiro

Front-end Developer

Anton Berezenskyi

Front-end Developer

Tong Dinh Thuong

Mobile Developer

Andrii Volyk

Back-end Developer

Dmitriy Mistyukov


Nick Birtasevic

Mobile QA

Kashmira Oswal

Financial Analyst

Efim Shirokorad

Financial Analyst

Andrei Olkhovoi

Financial Analyst

Nataly Kopytko

Design Lead

Iana Shorova

UX Designer

Ivan Kochkin


Olga Fedorova


Liuba Detiatkina


Daria Shvedova

Personal Assistant

Our Advisors

Fred Becker

Advisor & Investor
Director, Symphony, ex-Skype, ex-VC

Rob Johnson

MD, TechStars Berlin, Founder, Makers Academy

Rob Munro

Advisor & Investor
Senior Finance Professional

Stephanie Allen

Advisor & Investor
Manager, hedge fund

Boris Bruck

Advisor & Investor
Head of CEEMEA, Societe General

Lutfey Siddiqi

Advisor & Investor
Governor LSE, ex-UBS, Young Global leader at WEF 2012

Koen Vos

Advisor & Investor
ex-Skype Architect

Prakash Chintilla

Advisor & Investor
Senior Operations Professional


We are based at Level39

If you would like more information, or provide us with feedback, please feel free to contact us.


One Canada Square,

Canary Wharf,

London E14 5AB

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How is this service different from other financial news aggregating sites?

We employ a very different approach to news aggregation. Instead of scrapping the internet and using manual curation, we gather stories directly from content publishers on Twitter, which means that you get the information much faster, and the coverage is comprehensive. Most content publishers tweet as soon as they release a new story, and we capture them all.
Our service is specifically tailored for investors and traders, and we want it to be easy for them to structure, personalise and consume the information.
Next time an influential investor such as Carl Icahn tweets, you'll get those stories at the top of your feeds!

Why can't I just get these financial news stories directly from Twitter?

Yes, you can, but we make it very convenient for you.
Twitter is a great service and has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way we break and consumer news. We are also thankful to them for allowing us to access tweets.
However, they at least at this point, do not seem to be tailoring their service towards investors and traders, and hence consumption of financial news may be difficult. Also, several people find using Twitter a bit tricky.
We allow users to create watchlists which can track several assets in one go, which we believe is valuable to you.

Is there a limit on the number of watchlists that I can create?

Yes, you could create a max of 5 watchlists. This limit has been based on our discussions with traders and investors.

Could you please add other indices tracker in your list of standard watchlists?

Yes, sure but as long as we can find quality news stories on Twitter for those indices. Please send us your request at [email protected]

I can't find assets that I trade or invest in on this site. Please could you add them?

We add assets to our coverage only after we believe that there are enough quality stories on Twitter. This usually tend to be highly traded assets. However, please send us a request at [email protected] and we will investigate whether we should add the asset.

Why do I see several unrelated stories in my feed?

We adopt several steps to make sure that you only get relevant quality stories but we have no control over what the authors publish. If you could click the 'irrelevant to topic' icon on the right of the story, we could filter stories from this author in the future. The more you use this service, the smarter the algorithm works. We would request you to have some patience, and help us improve the overall service.

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