Global markets are constantly changing, and traditional financial news has been around for decades; attempting to capture investor-relevant trends as they occur. The companies that are successful in producing these financial insights in the form of news earn billions of dollars in subscription revenue each year. Despite recent trends towards integrating technology in global industries, the financial news sector remains stagnant in its ability to adapt to the 21st century.

The traditional method of providing news is still used by financial news providers across the globe, where a chronological news feed with not much customisation and personalisation is provided to investors. While this time based news feed may be suitable for a day trader, there are several other under-served market segments who would benefit greatly from a relevant and personalised news feed. Fundamental ‘value investors,’ equity research analysts, sell-side analysts and buy-side analysts all have different objectives, and therefore utilise financial news in different ways. The stagnant financial news business model also affects brokers, traders and investment managers as little customisation exists to ensure that their news is tailored to the needs of their business, and their clients.

Our vision at CityFALCON is simple. We believe in the power of technology, and that it can be applied to any sector to bring efficiencies. We aim to 1) democratise access to financial news irrespective of whether or not you can afford to pay high subscription fees, 2) better identify the relevant financial news stories, giving you more time to use the insights as you require, and 3) allow businesses to cater financial news feed to the needs and preferences of their users.

Our API and widget solutions for asset managers, wealth managers, investment advisors, retail brokers, robo-advisors, content publishers, consulting, and accounting firms are explained in more detail on our enterprise solutions page.  You could also test our API here.

Users can decide how they want to read the news

With our API and widget, you can either decide what information you want your users to have access to, or you can even allow users to decide themselves, and customise their news feed to their own specifications.

Example: User A can customise his/her feed so that they only see top stories, from the last one week, and specific to their portfolio of stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, and indices.

Here is what our API offers:

Sort by:      Top stories, latest stories, popular stories
News Sources: Major publications, lesser-known publications, investment research tweets from financial influencers, tweets from executives, relevant tweets from the crowd
Time period:  5 minutes to 1 month
Languages: Majority of World Languages
Paywall: Whether the news source requires access payment
Registration: Whether the news source requires user registration


Retain your users, keep your users engaged, and increase your ARPU

Avoid losing users to external sites by aggregating all relevant financial news within site / app, and increase engagement and ARPU.

One feed across your entire portfolio or watchlist

One of the biggest challenges faced by investors has been the inconvenience of viewing asset-specific financial news, one asset at a time; resulting in extensive wasted time scrolling through hundreds of articles. If you manage a portfolio of assets, this process is further complicated. With CityFALCON you can check the top 10 stories across your entire portfolio or watchlist.

Get news from more than just the traditional sources

Financial news is a dynamic industry, with insights coming from an increasingly large list of sources. Traditional news sources serve an important role in the area, however increasingly we are seeing insights generated from non-traditional sources which are equally relevant to clients. At CityFALCON, we not only look at traditional sources of news, such as the major news publications; we also aggregate and weed through billions of tweets from Twitter, blog posts, investment research, and crowd sourced research to highlight the most important, yet not easily visible, content.

CityFALCON Score brings relevancy and personalisation to your news feed

If you have 10 clients, each of them have 10 financial assets, and there are 30 stories for each asset, that’s 3000 stories to go through.  With CityFALCON, you can easily sort, manipulate and filter your feed to view the top 10, 20, 30 stories across all the 3,000 stories.

Here is a one minute video on how the score works:

Your users can now see why their asset moved up or down in real time

As an investor for the last 15 years, I personally have struggled to access real-time information on the reasoning behind why a particular stock in my portfolio appreciated or depreciated significantly.  Our technology picks up stories in milliseconds and provides the required information for users to maximise their profits and minimise their losses.

To get started with our API or widget for your platform, visit our enterprise solutions page and contact us with your needs. You could also test our API here.