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How is this service different from other financial news aggregating sites?

We employ a very different approach to news aggregation. Instead of scrapping the internet and using manual curation, we gather stories directly from content publishers on Twitter, which means that you get the information much faster, and the coverage is comprehensive. Most content publishers tweet as soon as they release a new story, and we capture them all.
Our service is specifically tailored for investors and traders, and we want it to be easy for them to structure, personalise and consume the information.
Next time an influential investor such as Carl Icahn tweets, you'll get those stories at the top of your feeds!

Why can't I just get these financial news stories directly from Twitter?

Yes, you can, but we make it very convenient for you.
Twitter is a great service and has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way we break and consumer news. We are also thankful to them for allowing us to access tweets.
However, they at least at this point, do not seem to be tailoring their service towards investors and traders, and hence consumption of financial news may be difficult. Also, several people find using Twitter a bit tricky.
We allow users to create watchlists which can track several assets in one go, which we believe is valuable to you.

Is there a limit on the number of watchlists that I can create?

Yes, you could create a max of 5 watchlists. This limit has been based on our discussions with traders and investors.

Could you please add other indices tracker in your list of standard watchlists?

Yes, sure but as long as we can find quality news stories on Twitter for those indices. Please send us your request at [email protected]

I can't find assets that I trade or invest in on this site. Please could you add them?

We add assets to our coverage only after we believe that there are enough quality stories on Twitter. This usually tend to be highly traded assets. However, please send us a request at [email protected] and we will investigate whether we should add the asset.

Why do I see several unrelated stories in my feed?

We adopt several steps to make sure that you only get relevant quality stories but we have no control over what the authors publish. If you could click the 'irrelevant to topic' icon on the right of the story, we could filter stories from this author in the future. The more you use this service, the smarter the algorithm works. We would request you to have some patience, and help us improve the overall service.


We Deliver More Value For Investors And Traders

News, views, analysis
Influential tweets, crowd analysis & sentiment
LATENCY - relative delay in capturing stories high low low
STRUCTURE - Financial tools: watchlists, trending assets
RELEVANCY - Curation and filtration medium low high

Streaming News Coverage

Broker Comparison

Comprehensive Real-time Curated News, Views, Analysis, and Buzz

From Twitter For Your Portfolio Of Assets


Enter stocks, commodities, fx pairs, e.g. Apple, FB, Bitcoin, EURUSD, Dow Jones, Nifty, separated by a comma

You could also choose from assets below:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Gold
  • Bitcoin
  • Dow Jones
  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq
  • FTSE 100
  • DAX 30
  • CAC 40
  • IBEX 35
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • DuPont
  • British American Tobacco
  • HSBC
  • Ford Motor
  • Merck
  • Twitter
  • Goldman Sachs
  • 3M
  • JD
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We Deliver More Value For Investors And Traders

News, views, analysis
Influential tweets, crowd analysis & sentiment
LATENCY - relative delay in capturing stories high low low
STRUCTURE - Financial tools: watchlists, trending assets
RELEVANCY - Curation and filtration medium low high
Twitter logos

Harness The Power Of Twitter

Twitter has become a comprehensive source of news, views, analysis and buzz for financial assets.

Almost everybody that you rely on in the financial world tweets - be it major publications, influential investors, or corporate executives.

Could you think of one big news publication that doesn't tweet after they publish a story?

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Advanced Filtration

Auto Curation - Each story is scored based on our algorithm and author rating.

Time And Preferences Filters - You could filter stories based on time or preferences including languages.

Duplicates And Retweets - We accumulate all similar stories including retweets for you to have a quality news feed.

Stories breakdown

We Accumulate All Similar Stories To Keep Your News Feed Clean

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Never Miss A Breaking Story Again

Breaking stock rise
News breaking

Follow A Portfolio Of Assets

News assets
News personalise followings Valueprop personalise rate

Personalise Stories

You can rate stories using two buttons on the right of each story. This will help us improve your news feed

Twitter Followings Only - If you have built a trusted network on Twitter, you could choose to have stories only from your 'followings' on Twitter.

You can 'follow', 'reply', favorite', and 'retweet' from within the news feed

News twitter tools

News On The Go

You can use this service on any mobile or tablet which has a browser and internet. Just point to the website in your browser

Valueprop mobile

Independent Check And Rating

We do not just provide you with brokers' headline prices like other comparison sites do, but provide a detailed cost and range of markets comparision at a portfolio level.

All checks are done independently by our team, and updated regularly.

Check Supported Range Of Markets

Ever got frustrated that you opened an account with a broker only to realise that they do not support the asset or derivative instrument that you would like to trade in?

Save time by identifying the broker that best suits your needs.

Spreads range

Select Correct Trading Instrument Based On Trading Horizon

Daily rollover costs could easily add up if you keep your position open for days to weeks. You could compare the costs between daily bets and futures to decide which is more a cost effective instrument for your position.

Identify Country With Asset At Lower Cost

You could further reduce your costs by identifying the country with cheapeast spreads for an asset

Spread % are for daily bets during market hours from one major broker as at June 2014
We provide comprehensive information coverage for your portfolio, and on 'trending' assets

Twitter has transformed the way in which stories are shared on the web. Most content publishers tweet about the story with a link back to their website, just after publishing the story.

They are several smart investors, traders and independent research firms that tweet about quality analysis, and which may not be picked up search engines or conventional news aggregators.

Individuals tweet breaking macro or stock news, be it payroll numbers or company results, as soon as they hear about them.

We capture them all!

You can see stories within a few seconds of they being published on Twitter

Go onto Twitter, and tweet something with some asset hashtag, e.g. $TSLA or $AAPL. Add the same ticker to a watchlist on this site, and see how fast you see that same tweet here. Make sure you uncheck 'hide low rated stories' just to make sure that your tweet is not filtered. :)

We value your time, and hence rate stories, and filter out irrelevant stories

Our rating algorithm rates each story, and allows you to sort based on that. Rating is based on the number of followers of the author on Twitter, content of the tweet, and popularity of previous tweets by the same author.

You can follow links in the tweets, mark stories as irrelevant or hide the ones that you're not interested in. Imagine the improvement in the quality of the feeds when thousands of other users curate with you.

We hide stories that our algorithm detects as spam or a being unrelated to the assets in your watchlists.


You could access the site from any mobile or tablet, irrespective of the operating system it runs on. Just point to the website in your browser.